Urbana District 116

URBANA — Faced with the possibility of their beloved elementary closing next school year, several parents and staffers — many dressed in Wiley-themed garb — urged the Urbana school board to reconsider.

Among the themes from speakers at Tuesday night’s study session: Some Wiley parents and teachers want to hear a plan for the building before it closes for asbestos abatement, not during. Others were more direct, pleading with the school board to ensure Wiley remains a neighborhood elementary school when it reopens.

Wiley, built in 1950, is the last Urbana district elementary due for a renovation. District administrators presented a recommendation to the school board to close Wiley at the end of the school year to abate asbestos and prepare for its remodel, placing its students in the five other Urbana elementary schools next year and its continuing staff across the district.

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