Teacher of the Week

Whether they’re found around Champaign-Urbana, like the one discovered at Rose Bowl Tavern, or across the country, like the one found in LaGuardia Airport in New York City, or around St. Joseph Grade School, the small books made out of paper that Wesley Miller writes and their main character, Mr. Book, have one objective: to spread the love of reading.

The University of Illinois graduate taught for a year in Croydon, England, before teaching in Champaign for eight years, after which he moved back to his hometown to teach at St. Joseph Grade School, where he spreads his love of reading as a reading specialist.

“Mr. Miller took on this job last school year and has just flourished!” Principal Michelle Wagner said. “The students love coming to see him, and his love for reading oozes (in a great way) down the halls in our school. Mr. Miller has created a character called Mr. Book, and the students enjoy writing books about Mr. Book to share with others — it is incredible. He also has led some professional development for our teachers and is a fantastic resource for our staff.”

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