Jr Reporter

The News-Gazette is staffing each Illinois football home game in 2021

with a Junior Reporter. Eryn Taylor

, a sixth-grader at Franklin STEAM Academy in Champaign, worked Saturday’s game against Texas San Antonio. While the Illini didn’t win, she still had a blast. Her report:“My experience at Memorial Stadium is something that I will never forget.

First of all, my dad and my friend, Love, arrived and saw all of the tents. It’s amazing to me to see just how many people get together for a football game.

I was excited to meet the one and only Brian Barnhart, the Voice of the Illini (right)!

Next we went to the large media room where reporters from all over write about the game.

I also stood behind the Block I like coach Bret Bielema. To see my picture on the big screen was so COOL.

Hearing the tackles and seeing the plays

in real life was a dream come true for me!”