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Heather was nominated based on the impact she makes here at Urbana Early Childhood School. Heather is a leader within our building. She supports her fellow colleagues with instructional practices that are developmentally appropriate for young students. She leads through example by sharing ideas and helping to solve problems others might be facing when navigating online learning. She develops new opportunities for teachers to engage their students in learning. For example, she created a STEAM lab in the school filled with an abundance of materials so teachers could introduce STEAM to students in a new and engaging way. Heather engages her students in online learning by providing fun and engaging opportunities to learn key concepts. Heather works hard to keep the lines of communication open for her families. This is evident by her student's attendance totals month after month being at or above 80%. If you had the opportunity to peek into her world, you will often times find Heather working late into the night creating individualized Seesaw activities or working on power points to present beneficial information to teachers. Through this adventure of online learning, Heather has maintained a positive attitude while also keeping a solution-oriented mindset.