Heather Lindenmeyer SJO staff spotlight Photo

Mrs. Lindenmeyer teachers Dual Credit English and English III at St. Joseph-Ogden High School. She possesses an unmatched ability to make connections with her students and get the most out of their potential. She has been able to adapt to everything COVID has thrown at her classroom and continue to offer students and incredibly high level of learning. She is consistently on the the search for ways to improve the quality of learning in her classroom and is not afraid to take risk in trying out new ideas. Mrs. Lindenmeyer's students know she genuinely cares about their learning and their personal well being. They appreciate the level of education she helps facilitate and trusts that the rigor she demands of them is in their best interest. The qualities that make Mrs. Lindenmeyer a great teacher have continued to shine during COVID and she has served as a model of excellence and perseverance for her students.