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Illinois residents can access a discount on the first purchase of each high school equivalency exam subject. The discount will reduce the cost of the full battery of a high school equivalency exam by $80.


For the GED® exam, which has four subjects, this reduces the cost of each subject area by $20. For the HiSET® exam, which has five subjects, this reduces the cost of each subject area by $16.

 The ICCB discount cannot be used on a student’s two discounted retests.

 After the discount is applied, the full battery cost of each exam – assuming no retakes are needed – would be:

  • GED (in-person or online): Reduced from $120 to $40.
  • HiSET Computer: Reduced from $93.75 to $13.75.
  • HiSET Paper: Reduced from $115 to $35.
  • HiSET Online: Reduced from $141.25 to $61.25.

How your students can access the discount:


Candidates can find important information to access the discount for the GED exam by logging on to their GED profile and scheduling a test at  First time users will need to create a new account before they can proceed with scheduling a test.  Candidates will need to enter the code ILSAVE20 at check-out.


Candidates can access the discount for the HiSET exam by calling the Education Testing Services customer support hotline at 1-855-MyHiSET and scheduling a test. ETS representatives will determine whether the candidate is eligible to complete a high school equivalency test in Illinois and whether their purchase qualifies for the discount. If the candidate is qualified, the ETS representative will apply the discount to their purchase and the candidate will complete their purchase over the phone.