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The following information is found in ISBE's Weekly Message dated August 18, 2020. Please visit the link for registration information.

Ed Leaders Network is offering the following courses:

Measuring Student Growth (On-demand course - 3 PD Hrs.) by Dr. Diana Zaleski, Illinois Education Association. The purpose of measuring student’s academic growth is to immediately inform the instructional process in order to increase student learning and close achievement gaps. This course helps educators understand the process of using formative assessment to measure student growth and close achievement gaps.

Opioid Curriculum for Elementary Educators (On-demand course) - Opioid abuse and deaths among youth have skyrocketed. States and school districts are including drug prevention awareness within the K-12 curriculum. Contained within this course are sample district plans/strategies, educator training, and proactive K-3 elementary curriculum that address the current opioid crisis.