job opening

Regional Education Alternative for Developing Youth

READY Program

Regional Safe Schools Program





Position:                         Lunch Room Aide



·         Possess a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent education

·         Safe Food Handler Certification

·         A desire to work with and around youth in a school setting


Location:                         READY Program

                                         45 E. University Ave.

                                         Champaign, IL 61820


Job Goals:                      To assist in preparing and serving food to students in a cafeteria setting.


Performance Responsibilities:

·         Prepare lunch room for service (set up tables, a la carte, wipe tables, dish washing)

·         Prepare/Cook meal items and set up kitchen for service

·         Serve lunch to students in a timely and efficient manner

·         Clean the kitchen and lunch room after lunch is served (dish washing, sweeping, tables and chairs)

·         Complete and deliver the daily production sheets to the Food Service Coordinator

·         Monitor and direct students in the kitchen during Foods classes

·         Collaborate with Foods Teacher/Kitchen staff

·         Performs other duties as assigned


Contact Person:            Liza Thomas, READY Program Director

                                        Phone (217) 239-0322



Application Deadline:   June 15, 2020


Start Date:                      August 17, 2020


Terms of Employment: To be set by the Regional Superintendent