Lilcensure Reminders

Before you leave your classroom for the summer these tasks can help you to make sure your license is up to date to start a new school year in August. 

  • Log into your ELIS account and check on your license expiration date. If your license expires on June 30, 2023, now would be the perfect time to renew. License Renewal resources are here on our website
  • If your license required Professional Development it is time to gather up your Evidence of Completion forms and enter any hours that you completed this school year. The Professional Development PDF will help you through the process. 
  • Are you an Administrator that needs to take an Administrator Academy each year? Make sure you take one before June 30, 2023, to meet your requirement for this school year. 
  • If you plan to retire at the end of this school year, please make sure you have entered your professional development for the years that you worked. If you will no longer have access to your school email address, you may want to update your Contact Information and your IWAS email address in ELIS. While you are logged in, this would be a great time to update your Professional Development/Employment Status. 

We hope you have a great summer! If you need assistance with your license, please contact Jenn Diercks. When calling use Option 2 for Licensure questions.